Naked Asians on the Beach

Here’s a special treat. This is currently my favorite Asian picture! Four hot girls showing their hairy pussies and beautiful tits while jumping on the beach, wearing nothing but striped stockings! Enjoy! :)

Four naked Asians with hairy pussies and perky tits

Chinese Teen – Short Skirt

Tia is a model for First Time Video Girls (FTV Girls). Their site is loaded with teen pictures and video (not just Asians, but they do have some hot Asian models). Tia is 18 years old, 5’4″, with perky little tits. In this set she’s wearing a short little skirt out in a public parking lot. She gets completely nude right there in the parking lot! Check out the upskirt pic of her thong! There is over 1300MB of Tia pictures and high quality video at FTV Girls. Check out Tia’s profile.

FTV Girls Tia Picture FTV Girls Tia Picture FTV Girls Tia Picture

FTV Girls Tia Picture FTV Girls Tia Picture FTV Girls Tia Picture

FTV Girls

Joon Mali – Cameltoe

Joon Mali is why I have a huge monitor! Her pictures are so perfect… Here is Joon is a sexy bikini getting all wet. Check out her bikini bottoms! You can see her pussy showing through making a lovely wet cameltoe! If you haven’t heard of Joon Mali yet, she’s a 18-year-old Thai teenager. She has a great ass! I have made some other posts about her so check the tags below. Be sure to watch the free video trailer on her site.

Joon Mali Cameltoe through bikini

Asian French Maids

Tiny Japanese girls wearing French maid outfits. Some of these girls are in Akihabara, which is DEFINATELY the place to visit if you go to Japan. Really cool place to visit.

This girl has some cute pigtails!
Japanese French maid with pigtails

Japanese French maid in Akihabara, Japan

French maid in Akihabara

Japanese French Maids

The only thing better than a sexy girl in a French maid outfit is a Japanese girl in a French maid outfit! These girls are super cute! I love the outfits and the stockings!

Check out this sexy maid upskirt, showing her panties.
Asian maid upskirt showing panties

Here’s another French maid upskirt, showing sexy pink panties!
Japanese maid upskirt and panties

Japanese French Maid

Morning Musume Pictures

Morning Musume is a sexy all-girl J-Pop group. They were the lead group in the Hello! Project which was a huge deal in Japan. Basically it was a collection of popular female groups and artists. Morning Musume remains one of the most successful all-girl groups in Japan today. These girls are so cute and sexy! The group has changed out members over time, but they continue to have a great selection of cute Japanese girls. I will definately post more pictures of this group of girls!

Morning Musume girls in schoolgirl outfits:
Morning Musume Schoolgirl Outfits

Morning Musume on the school bus

Morning Musume girls

Morning Musume girls of 2007:
Morning Musume girls of 2007

Morning Musume 2003 girls:
Morning Musume girls of 2003

Morning Musume girls of 2002:
Morning Musume girls of 2002