Asian French Maids

Tiny Japanese girls wearing French maid outfits. Some of these girls are in Akihabara, which is DEFINATELY the place to visit if you go to Japan. Really cool place to visit.

This girl has some cute pigtails!
Japanese French maid with pigtails

Japanese French maid in Akihabara, Japan

French maid in Akihabara

Japanese French Maids

The only thing better than a sexy girl in a French maid outfit is a Japanese girl in a French maid outfit! These girls are super cute! I love the outfits and the stockings!

Check out this sexy maid upskirt, showing her panties.
Asian maid upskirt showing panties

Here’s another French maid upskirt, showing sexy pink panties!
Japanese maid upskirt and panties

Japanese French Maid

Morning Musume Pictures

Morning Musume is a sexy all-girl J-Pop group. They were the lead group in the Hello! Project which was a huge deal in Japan. Basically it was a collection of popular female groups and artists. Morning Musume remains one of the most successful all-girl groups in Japan today. These girls are so cute and sexy! The group has changed out members over time, but they continue to have a great selection of cute Japanese girls. I will definately post more pictures of this group of girls!

Morning Musume girls in schoolgirl outfits:
Morning Musume Schoolgirl Outfits

Morning Musume on the school bus

Morning Musume girls

Morning Musume girls of 2007:
Morning Musume girls of 2007

Morning Musume 2003 girls:
Morning Musume girls of 2003

Morning Musume girls of 2002:
Morning Musume girls of 2002

Unknown Asian Babes

Ok, today I need your help! Help me identify these Asian babes! They are super sexy and I have no clue who they are. Please post a comment if you have any ideas as to their identities or where I can find more pics!

 This girl has captivating eyes and a stunning smile.

Sexy Asian babe with a stunning smile

This picture appears to be a magazine scan. Hopefully there are more pics of this girl in lingerie or panties, because she is so hot!

Asian babe in lingerie and panties

Shizuko Iwasaki – All Tied Up

Shizuko Iwasaki, Japanese AV model all tied up and bound. If you are into bondage, or hot Japanese girls with hairy pussies, you will love these pictures. It looks like this Asian babe has great tits and a very exotic face. I found some more stuff of her that is to die for! Check back as I will post more of this girl!

Shizuko Iwasaki topless Japanese girl bondage Japanese bondage pussy

Christy Chung – All Wet

Christy Chung is a small-time actress living in Quebec, Canada. Chung is Vietnamese and Chinese. She appears primarily in Cantonese films, so is mostly unnoticed in Quebec, but has made appearances in some large films alongside Jet Li and Jackie Chan. She was voted “Sexiest Woman in Asia” for 2000 in Singapore’s FHM.

In these pics Christy Chung is getting all wet and topless on the beach, showing just how sexy she can be.

Christy Chung - Vietnamese Beauty Christy Chung topless

Christy Chung getting all wet Christy Chung - Sexy Chinese and Vietnamese Model