Young Japanese Schoolgirls

Check out these schoolgirls giving a convincing lesbian kiss on graduation day in Japan!

Young Japanese Schoolgirls Kissing


  1. excellent :) but they don’t look Japanese :p

  2. I thought the same as george when i first saw the pic.

    Japanese are normally cuter ;-p

  3. I agree with dave they are cuter but u have to admit its hot to see girls kiss :)

  4. I think that this was a school in Singapore

  5. I saw a similar pic but they were also fingering each others pussies and the rest of the class were getting into it as well

  6. Really? I’d love to see that! Do you have a link? :O

  7. WOW ! it makes me what to get my Girl Friends together. Think of what a Kiss can lead to … 69 ?

  8. Love this stuff school girls getting it on , oh to be a loofa in a 6th form girls shower . do agree tho they dont look japanese still good tho !

  9. my Girlfriend is sooooo much cuter than any girl in this pic!

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