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  1. Hi Kat
    You’ve said before that If we send you a source for pictures we’d like to share then you’ll post them.
    Well, I would like you to post Yumi Kurusu in her pretty Daisy Bikini and these are the two sources I have for her.


    If you can find more, I’d be thrilled!

    When I first went to work for my Boss, he said he sometimes needed to wank while he worked and did I mind? cos it helped him solve problems. If I preferred, he would go to the loo.
    I said I had only ever seen my brother wank and I’d LOVE to see him do it. So he said “Look in my computer for the “Temporary Erections” file and find a pretty girl that you like too and I’ll jerk-off for you. Then you can decide yes or no, OK?”
    So I found this picture of Yumi and he said “Oh yes!” and took his cock out and rubbed it up stiff and started wanking!
    I was SO EXCITED, I let my boobs out and played with them for him. Oh, how he came! He held his cock out straight as it jerked and his cum shot out then oozed all over the desk top then dribbled as he squeezed his big swollen head dry! He said later that it was doing it for me and seeing my REAL tits that made him shoot so impressively. He said it had felt fantastic!
    I dipped my nipples in his cum several times to make them wet and shiny and nice to play with and we carried on playing with ourselves for ages.
    So I have happy memories of Yumi!
    When he reads this I expect his cock will come out again! But now we put all his cum into a little silver-top pot instead of polishing the desk-top (that’s another story).
    But I still love watching him wank and the smell of his boiling cock. And Yumi always gives my inside a fizz when I see her!
    So fizz me Kat!
    Eve xx

  2. Wow Yumi is very hot. I will see what I can find of her. :)

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